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Offset your Co2 emissions with Complete Charter Services.

Complete Charter Services are one of the first aviation companies to offer carbon offset on ALL our flights.

Complete Charter Services takes environmental protection seriously and for this reason we have teamed up with Carbon Clear to help clients manage their carbon emissions and offset unavoidable emissions by investing in cost effective carbon-saving projects around the world.

The amount of C02 produced and the offset cost varies depending on the aircraft used, but if you are interested in offsetting your emissions on private charter then we will be happy to make that happen through our partner Carbon Clear.

What is offsetting? Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and other gases which trap the sun's heat and warm the earth, contributing to costly environmental damage that we can counter by drastically reducing emissions.

Carbon offsets help to address climate change because our rapidly moving atmosphere ensures that C02 reductions from any source have a fast global impact. Businesses are encouraged to reduce their emissions wherever possible, then offset the rest through using Carbon Clear and its project investment programme. Example projects include:

• TIST - India (Download PDF)
• Energy efficient brick making - Nicaragua.(Download PDF)

For more detailed information on how Carbon Clear can help you to reduce the impact of emissions on our environment please visit


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