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Charter Air Taxis - Hire Air Taxis.

The term air taxi usually refers to any small aircraft used for short hops as an alternative to lengthy car or train journeys. Hiring air taxis is becoming more and more popular all over Europe with people chartering aircraft on a daily basis.

Flying by air taxi provides a cost effective, fast means of transport for people who do not want to sit in traffic allowing you to reach critical meetings on time.

Chartering an air taxi is as simple as booking a cab. Simply let us know where you want to fly from and to and how many passengers you have and we will do the rest.

Complete Charter Services make all the necessary arrangements for you air taxi including booking landing slots arranging customs clearance and chauffer driven cars at either end of your journey. Hiring an air taxi through Complete Charter Services is the preferred method of travel for thousands of people every year.

Why not call us for an Air Taxi Charter quote today 0871 2222 310.

Recent research (Barclay Card) shows that 77% of business travellers state traffic jams as causing the majority of delays and that commuting takes on average 1 hour and 29 minutes daily. Private charter is fast becoming an essential tool to executives who need to maximise the efficiency of their working day.

Complete Charter Services specialise in providing comfortable aircraft allowing you to work as you fly. Our air taxis operate in the UK & Europe 24 hours a day, seven days a week at affordable prices.

Aircraft taxi for business meetings:

Small aircraft and helicopters that provide a cost effective 'same day' service for site visits and business meetings.

  • The ability to reach any location ease - domestic business trips or short flights to Europe.
  • Make visits to multiple locations in the same day - and then back to your base within hours.
  • An aircraft and flight crew that will wait on stand-by for your next appointment.
  • Charter managers available to respond to any changes in your plans or requirements.

Charters for special private events:

Use air taxis for corporate hospitality flights to various social events all over europe - from film festivals to music concerts - traveling by helicopter or small aircraft.

Charter an air taxi for sporting events, days out at the races, golf, or other big sporting occasions.

Family celebrations such as birthdays or weddings made memorable with a private charter flight.

Chartering an air taxi is easy just call one of our charter managers who will handle every aspect of your requirements.

Any location can be reached with ease - from domestic business trips or short flights. Time saving visits to multiple locations in the same day and then back to the office within hours are also an option. We provide flexible schedules with an aircraft and crew that will wait on stand-by for your next appointment.

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