VIP Experience Card Membership

Whether your going skiing on the slopes of Chamonix, for a day or shooting in the beautiful surroundings of the highlands of Scotland or a simple spot of shopping in St Tropez, our Experience Card gives you instant access to any destination via any combination of vehicle be that jet, chauffeured car, helicopter or luxury yacht. Our Experience Membership Card is the hassle free pre-paid luxury service card for you.

There are many financial benefits to our card service but aside that itís the freedom and confidentiality of freedom we offer. The prepaid payment on your account can be anything from £10.000 upwards dependant on your circumstances and travel requirements. We offer unparalleled value not available in the market today. Your dedicated travel manager will record all your preferences to make the journey as pleasurable as possible -from champagne make, choice of newspaper or your favourite single malt. There is the comfort of familiar drivers and aircraft crew and the Complete Charter team can be reached 24/7 to discuss all requirements.

Prepaying means there is no fund clearance delay, so flights and cars can be booked at short notice. Our pre-paid system also makes it clear how much you will pay for any journey, based on travel time and the type of vehicle you choose. Just one invoice covers the provision of this entire network of services and, because of this, transport can be booked at the last minute as no fund clearance is required. You, your family and friends arrive at your destination anywhere in the world safe, relaxed and refreshed.

To join this exclusive programme or for more information please contact us on 0871 2222310 or email us on we are waiting for your call.


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