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Helicopter travel is one of the most flexible and efficient methods for travel throughout Europe with a superior level of comfort. Helicopter travel between the major UK business centres and into Europe is growing fast. London, not surprisingly, is a major centre for business helicopter charter operations.

Complete Charter Services provides the largest and most comprehensive business / executive helicopter charter or hire service in the UK. Our fleet is able to land you on buildings, islands - in fact more or less anywhere you need to be - avoiding all congestion, routing and general travel problems.

Flying at speeds of up to 170 mph / 270 kph, a helicopter is the most time efficient way to get around England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Europe. Businesses throughout the UK are now using business helicopters as an essential tool to maximise the efficiency of their top executives, adding considerable value to their business.

We have a database of more than 10.000 Landing Sites throughout the UK, enabling us to deliver you directly to your destination, wherever it might be. If there isn't a landing site in the location that you want to get to, our Operations team will organise a suitable site and obtain the necessary permissions.

Your corporate event could be enhanced considerably by using helicopter transport. We can even display your company's logos on the helicopters and provide drinks during the flights. In fact, we provide all the advice necessary to make helicopter transport work for you and your event.

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