Imagine a journey without having to queue up at the check-in desk. With no lengthy wait for security clearance. No sitting around a crowded airport for endless hours. Just arriving at the airport and stepping straight on to your ‘plane.'  Your own, exclusive, private jet, flying to your own personal schedule.

Complete Charter Services are experts at booking the right aircraft in the right locations around the world removing the expense of dead legs and repositioning costs to our clients. It doesn’t have to be a figment of your imagination. These days, as air travel has become as congested as road travel, it makes sense to charter your own private jet or helicopter. Complete Charter Services are truly specialists at arranging private flights, whether it’s a short UK hop for a business meeting or a long-haul family holiday to any corner of the globe.

We have direct access to more than 3,000 private jets and helicopters all over the world, ranging from the small air taxis to small medium and large VIP corporate jets and small medium or large Helicopters. Flights can be booked at short notice and we are experts at sourcing the right aircraft for the job.

All you as our client needs to decide is:

the departure airport;
the destination;
the time and day;
the aircraft size.

Then sit back whilst we do the rest. From luxury in flight catering, even down to a laundry service, we have all your requirements covered. Click here to contact us today.

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